Bear Claw Free Fall a Gunner's View
Black and Blue
Shred in ribbons of lithium
Blow by blow her mind cut in sheets
Layers deep
Now unravelling

~Tori, Carbon

That is so my song. Along with Autumngirlsoup, and Precious Things. Actually, the whole lithium thing still scares me. No mind-altering drugs here please.
Yeah, I am majorly majorly hyper today. In fact I am in full-on manic mode and if Aldi or Sarah texts me to say IP is up, I have no doubt I shall run around shrieking like a headless chicken until I get back online. I am pretty much bouncing and squealing and waving my arms around already. I am so headed for a fit over this one. I am going to have to spend the rest of the day lying down in a darkened room. I hate my life.

I submitted Falling to Astronomy Tower! ::more bouncing and squeaking:: So I shall just have to wait and see what kind of reviews I get. ::bites nails while still bouncing:: Also today I shall attempt to finish rereading IP1-14. Fuck. I'm shaking. I need pills or something. Maybe lithium isn't such a bad idea after all. And I ahve to remember to show Aldi and Alsha the dedication on Falling, since it is to them. Hmm. I really am shaking, aren't I?
eeeeeeeeee!!!!! IP15 is due out todayyyyyyy!!!!!