Despite the fact that I attempted to take out my aggression by writing an extremely violent Skytha post last night, I am still bloody flaming furious. I posted for Myrnen too, though, even if it was only 2 paragraphs.


Well, finished ch2 and trying to make start on chapter 3. Perhaps will read over beta-version of prologue & ch1 first to get back into Draco frame of mind.

And much Grr-aaargh. Whyyyyyyy are there so many CHILDREN on the internet? I swear, half the posters in the DV review board seem like they're FIVE or something. And then some bastard thought it would be funny to go hack Sunny's website and try to give her viruses and crap. Gah. Crap-headed idiots. Maybe there should be an actual internet for normal, intelligent people who have something vaguely relevant or interesting to say, and then a FUCKING PLAYPEN for all those whose mental age is below 16. That way they could be all happy and post porn-rpg like on the MRBB, and review stuff with 'OMG UR SO K3WL' to their hearts' content without pissing everyone else off. GAh. Get lives or brains or something, kiddies.


Oh. Am trying to find Yeats poems for possible use as Choices quotes. Or in the sequel to Choices, anyway. If I actually write that, it will be dark. Very dark. In an everybody-dies kinda way. Um, yeah.
Hm. Now have 3 pages of Ch2, pretty much all of which is Harry thinking about school and crap. Meh. I need to write some stuff where he thinks Draco ran off because he is a spy or something. Or he thinks that he thinks Draco's a spy, because he is not yet up-to-date with his own feelings. Gah. Also need to write him thinking about what Draco looks like because I am so tired of Draco being Ultimate Gorgeous Guy. Yeah, I can see he could be pretty in certain lights, but he's in no way conventionally attractive - he's all pale and maybe a little washed-out, with sharp angles and a pointy face. If people do see him as attractive, it's because he lives in his moments. He is the centre of every moment he inhabits, he has poise and grace and all that shit that makes him come across as attractive.

Went to town in attempt to buy Shrek on video. Failed utterly - no Shrek in HMV, or in Virgin or any of the WHSes. Disgusting. Nowhere had The Life of Brian either, but I was expecting that. Anyway, I ordered Shrek off Amazon tonight. But while I was in HMV i bought Tropical Brainstorm for £5, since it was that cheap, and since I've been wishing I'd brought it with me. The copy I have is Mum's anyway, and she'll undoubtedly want it back now that she has a CD player in her car. Also I got the best-of collection because it hath Fairytale of New York. I. Fucking. Love. That. Song.


Oh yeah - have prologue and chapter 1 of Choices pretty much done and away to beta, and I just wrote 1000 words of ch2. Happy happy joy joy.

My fiiiiiiic! Is uuuuup! Um, yeah, Falling is up on AstronomyTower and I am sitting here having an attack of the nerves.Go Look! It is sweet, fluffy, uncomplicated Harry/Draco slashiness with a PG-13 rating.