A large number of disconnected thingies:

Have been forced to exert self-control and listen to Soothing Music in order to avert rising hysteria. Am swaying. In time with the music, I hasten to add.

You know what? I did absolutely NO writing today. Mostly becuase I spent most of today asleep, and then I had a headache of monumental proportions. Yeah, I suck, but I really really couldn't write anything. I did check over that silly dream-thing I wrote at the end of CH3 (heh. methyl group), and it is still silly, but it shall stand of the purposes of Freudian interpretation of the fact that Draco is baring his innermost self to Harry and shall continue to do so.

A vague ficlet idea is playing around the outer limits of my imagination. Something to do with the sentence, "It was like some kind of glue." and a title that I had but now cannot remember for the life of me. ::sigh:: Such is life.

I have a FictionAlley clock!!! Sarah got it for me, and I bounced and squeed muchly over it!!! I love love love that picture anyway, because i is cool and because it really does look like Draco is putting his clothes back on after having his wicked, wicked way with Harry - and Harry doesn't look too unhappy about it, muahaha. ::bounces and squees and huggles excellent Sarah::

Must send email with Orlando Bloom pic attached to Naomi. Also to Sarah, now I think about it, since she is a fan too and may not have seen it.

Have spent last hour saving gorgeous HP manga pics to hard drive. Must print out. May not however put on wall as space limited. Shall start scrapbook. With sections for characters and ships and fics and stuff. could be used for inspiration when stuck on fic stuff. Actually quite a good idea.

Manic period and rising hysteria came about partly because of niiiiice stories Aja reccommended. Yay porn! All NC-17, but some more pornographic than others. Must remember to rec the last one to Sarah/Aldi due to much cutey-ness. Does not count as PWP if there is that much explanation/backstory. Happy happy joy joy.

::upside-down smiles::


Also, inspiration struck or came to find me or did something, because I finally finished Chapter 3!!! Wheee! I also wrote the first few sentences of chapter 4 as is my wont, so I have somewhere to start tomorrow. Yup, I even gave Draco some interaction with the rest of the Slyths. and I wrote the Naked!Draco dream thing. Lol. Although I may have to rrewrite it when I read it over tomorrow and decide it sucks too badly to live. Yeah, pretty happy here. Now I have to sleep, though, cause my library books are due back tomorrow so I have to get up.

Oh, and I went to see A Funny Thing Happened On The Way to The Forum with Bex. Was funny and cool, and contained camp guys. Much joy.
Well, I did indeed replot the entire damn thing lsat night despite the fact that I had to stay up until six am to do so. I now have a nice nifty little chapter-by-chapter summary, and there will be at least 15 chapters. Probably more; I have alot of 'future' in my head that it still very vague. Perhaps I shall write a sequel. Depends how long it gets, I think.


::sigh:: I am feeling the lack of inspiration here. Although I am a little bouncier now, and I am determined to finish Choices3 tonight at least. I think I want to repace the plot of the rest of the story, though. At the rate it's going at the moment, they'll be in bed together next week. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, but is a little unrealistic. I need to time this better, I think.
A Thing I Wrote Last Week And Just Found:

You know what annoys me? Or one of the many things that annoy me, anyway. People who insist on equating sex and sexuality with smut. Maybe it’s just the ridiculous Western viewpoint that sees sex as something shameful and dirty, but all the same, it’s ridiculous. Children snigger and giggle about it in the playground, and we never seem to grow up. Sex is naughty, it’s illicit, it’s dirty, it’s talked about only with embarrassment. Yeah, okay, it’s a bit messy, but then so’s cooking, and art, and playing with kids… no one tries to make any of those taboo. It’s patently ridiculous. Sex is just another thing your body can do. Like dancing. It’s usually enjoyable, it can result in children, and sometimes it’s an expression of love. Why do people consistently reduce all sexual contact to the level of smut when it should be an uplifting experience?
Like, for example, I have pictures on my posterboard here. Fanart pictures of Harry, and of Draco, and not a few pictures of Harry and Draco. To wit, one staring-into-eyes moment, one kiss scene, and one semi-naked snuggly embrace. All of which are sweet rather than explicitly sexual, and say far more about love than desire. So why does Bex think of them as ‘dodgy’? Specifically, she’s referring to the picture from Guns & Handcuffs where they’re in bed together and holding each other. It’s not sexual at all, really, despite the lack of clothing. Why does she think it’s smutty?
For that matter, what is smutty about it? What about it is dirty or shameful? The fact that there are two boys who are in bed together? If it is that, then, well, I just don’t want to know. If you’d be less bothered by a het couple, then go find one. Or is it that they are so obviously in a sexual relationship? Which also baffles me as a cause for concern, really. I see that picture and I can’t help but smile and go ‘awwwww.’ That’s why it’s on my wall. Because it’s sweet and beautiful and it’s about love. The love is what is important. And if it does have mild sexual content, well, they are in love, and if they are having sex, it is an expression of that love, and therefore is a beautiful thing. Please stop trying to convince me that it is somehow dirty, because that’s only a step away from ‘wrong.’

::Random squees in honour of Cassie finishing DV12::


I know that I shall meet my fate
Somewhere among the clouds above
Those that I fight I do not hate
Those that I guard I do not love
My county is Kiltartan Cross
My countrymen Kiltartan's poor
No likely end could bring them loss
Nor leave them happier than before.
Nor law, nor duty bade me fight
Nor public men, nor cheering crowds
A lonely impulse of delight
Led to this tumult in the clouds
I balanced all, brought all to mind
The years to come seemed waste of breath
A waste of breath the years behind.
In balance with this life, this death.

~W.B. Yeats

I mean, ooooohhhhhhhhhh.
Today in chronological order:
Woke up.
Went back to sleep.
Went to shop.
Ate sandwich.
Read some of DV10.
Shouted things at monitor. Examples include 'you are so in love with him, admit it!' and 'you could make him feel better by stripping naked and getting in bed with him, god damn it!'
Stared at passage where I left off in Choices3 for a while.
Abandoned Choices3.
Wrote 1000 words of extremely tragic death scene that really had me weeping and wailing and sniffling and depressed.
Quoted poetry to self, including that Flecker poem from The Wake, and An Irish Airman Foresees His Death. Gods, I love that. ::sniff::
Ate dinner. Quizzed random Com-Off person who knocked on the door about policies and elections and media/ents and stuff.
Attempted to turn computer back on. Was foiled by fact that computer threw hissy fit and refused to do so.
Panicked briefly.
Fixed computer. Sort of.
Backed up all WiP files onto disk in case of further emergency.
Went online intending to read through DV11 review boards again. Instead spent better part of an hour t00bing around peoples LJs having manic giggling fits over DV15 Cave Slash and alternate uses for runic bands.

Um, yeah. I think perhpas I ought to actually bloody write some of Choices3 today, even if its only a few lines or something.


Hm. Now have nearly 3000 words of Choices 3, which is a joy. Especially since I finally got Draco's PoV caught up to where I left off with Harry's at the end of Chapter 2. A little too much emphasis on moonlight, but hey. And I have 'minions' written on my hand to remind me to put in that comment about Crabbe and Goyle ("They're not friends, Potter. They're minions") as soon as the conversation gets a little more normal.

Also, I am probably going to do the whole fingers-in-many-pies thing and write To Go Beyond at the same time as Choices. Or at least I will write That Chapter of it soon, because it is eating me more than a little. And I had a terrible idea - a songfic bunny took up residence. I think I killed it, but I'm not entirely sure.
A great big FUCK! OFF! to twats who try and get people to go down and open the door by throwing stones at windows. If you live here, you have a key. If you misplaced/broke your key, your fucking fault for not getting a replacement.

Sorry, a little hyper atm, which is slightly worrying because I woke up depressed. Shit, is this thing getting worse? Still, new chapter of Draco In Darkness, which was an absolute bloody joy to read, and now I want snuggles. Perhaps I shall go and write some. Also I now have a new plot bunny for a Dark Arts fic wherein much emotional torture is visited upon Harry. And I wrote some more of Choices, finally. Shall attempt to do so again today, in between rereading Veritas. I just got up to ch8, so the best is yet to come. Damn, I'm going to need tissues, aren't I?