Whoooooooo!!!! Glue is up already! Go Here And See! and I sent the link to Sarah, and she liketh it so all is well. Also, DV12 is out ON SUNDAY and I am counting hours.... ::wibbles::

However, despite feeling more than slightly inspired today I did not write any of Choices. Am very bad. Did write 2 SoM posts though, one of which is for 'now' and so has been posted already. the other was my first Skytha post. first chronologically, anyway. Oooh, people are going to love being introduced to him. First post, he plans to destroy the world, second post... well, carries an NC-17 warning for Graphic Violence, shall we say. ::happy happy joy joy::


Well. I suck so royally. I wrote some stuff, about 2 pages actually, but it was pants when I wrote it and is still pants upon reading now. I shall delete it and start chapter 4 over again at some point. Not now however. Have not slept in 24 hours and am knackered out. Sleeeeeeeep......

Yeah. Full story: was knackered. Was also wanting to do something. was either going to write or sleep. M block had loud party all afternoon. could not sleep. attempted to write. Loud music sapped out my meagre skills and left me typing great piles of turgid crappiness. Gah. Attempted to drown out their sucky loud music with my own cool loud music. Was still too distracting to write properly. I so suck right now. I want to have a normal sleep cycle, but I cannot write when it is daytime because of noise and surfeit of light.

I hate light. It is only March and already I am getting back into the whole squinty thing. It should not be this sunny already. I thought I was safe leaving the glasses home until easter, but now must endure 2 weeks of bright sun and squinty eyes and headaches. Photosensitivity makes it very difficult to cross roads safely. Perhaps I really shall become semi-nocturnal. I hates the light, I works best at night... meh meh meh meh meh. <-- how I feel really.


I'vre really got to do some actual writing at some point. Although I did write that Myrnen thing... still. Choices Four must be written. ::chivvies self:: Come on, woman. Confused Harry. Snarky Draco. Angst. Sulking. Nightmares.
Muahaha! Website done! Took many many hours, though, and many many re-logging-ins. ::sigh::
Here It Is!
Falling and Space are up there, plus a guestbook for review-type comments. And happy happy joy joy, I have Choices 0 (the prologue) back from Sarah and so it will be posted soon!! I can't be bothered to do another great big website overhaul, so I'll just submit it to Schnoogle tomorrow or something. Today now, isn't it?
Also, heehee, wrote book-a-minute type thing for entirety of Choices. Mildly amusing there. Perhaps shall send to Sarah, who knows most of the plot anyway.
Gah. Geocities sucks. ::kicks Geocities:: I am trying to sort my fanfic site out. I managed to get one chapter of Falling uploaded (and deleted all the extraneous pages, go me) but now it is being all slooooowwwwww and everything I try and type becomes strange letters with diacritical marks and umlauts and crap. Shall put asterisks in where there is italicisation in Word and re-log in to try again. Perhaps shall ctrl-v the whole thing to save from weird stuff getting me again. ::sigh::
Secret Project complete, muahaha. Now must wait for results...


I hate my life! ::wails::

My sleep cycle is practically non-existent. It is nearly 8 fucking am here, and I am not so much up early as up late. I hate my life. I could have gone to sleep at midnight-ish, but I was cutting and sticking for my scrapbook project. Which is quite pretty if I do say so. I could have gone to bed at 3am-ish, I suppose, but I got stuck in the toilet.

Don’t you dare laugh at me, it was not funny. I went to the upstairs toilet, and the crappy bolt/lock thing got fucking stuck and I couldn’t get it undone. Visions of having to wait there all night until someone came to use the bathroom in the morning were dancing through my head. Eventually I managed to jimmy the thing open with a lot of effort, but I was stuck in there panicking for 10 minutes. I was not a happy bunny. So I decided I would write a bit before I went to bed. I wanted to get this damn ficlet idea that has been whirring around my brain down onto paper so that I can concentrate on Choices, which I do not want to get into a habit of neglecting. I thought, naively I’m sure, that it would be a short ficlet, maybe 2 pages max, just a PoV vignette.

Hah. Yeah, right. 7 pages. Seven fucking pages, 4,000 words, and FOUR HOURS later, I have a vague kind of ending that I’m still not entirely happy with. I just sat here and wrote the damn thing straight. I only went back and erased stuff once, and that was only a couple of sentences near the end when I remembered what I’d wanted to say. I am sitting here scrubbing at my eyes, and I know that I am going to be sleeping most of today too despite the fact that there is stuff I want to do.

I love writing. It’s the best thing in the world to read over something you wrote and realise it’s actually quite good and even maybe profound, but I wish wish wish I could bloody do it within a normal kind of sleep pattern instead of sleeping all day and then getting my skull knocked on by stories in the middle of the night.

I fucking. Hate. My. Life.